Miniature Low PIM RF Coax Connector System

As a leading global manufacturer of RF products, Rosenberger is an active partner in a development group tasked with providing innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry.

The new NEX10® connector system is designed to meet the existing and future demands of small cell and upcoming 5G networks. The NEX10® interface offers very low PIM performance in a robust design and compact size.

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Compact Size for Small Cells

File for IEC standardization in 2019

NEX10® consortium has a progressive approach adding suppliers to produce NEX10® and file for an IEC standard. The ultimate goal of the NEX10® consortium is to make the interface a market standard that is available to customers worldwide. NEX10® consortium will file for IEC standardization in 2019.

Guaranteeing PIM stability

Features & Benefits

The NEX10® interface was designed using the many years of experience gained in the field of low PIM connector design to develop a robust, low PIM connector.

  • Separation of electrical contact from the mechanical reference, which yields a low PIM and high RL performance regardless of the coupling mechanism or applied torque
  • Robust design prevents any damage in the event of cable movement or vibration
  • Contact areas protected against damage during handling
  • Elimination of installation errors
  • Excellent RL performance up to 20 GHz and high screening efficiency, offering reliable electrical performance
  • Small size, minimum flange height of 12.7 mm allowing compact and lightweight modules
  • Two possible mechanical connections – screw type and push-pull – are providing flexibility during installation
  • Interface-specific weather protection boot providing a uniform and tested solution as a standard product

Connectors in Comparison: NEX10® vs. 4-3.10

Safe and damage-free connecting

NEX10® cable assembly PIM measurement

Designed to Meet the Demands of Upcoming 5G Networks

High-speed data transmission in today’s global mobile communication networks demands a highly efficient network infrastructure. Passive intermodulation (PIM) in a network can cause serious interference, significantly degrade the network quality, and impacton KPI figures. The NEX10® interface has been designed using the many years of experience gained in the field of low PIM connector design to develop a robust, small-size low PIM connector.

  • Small Cell Applications
  • Low-power base stations
  • In multi-operator/multiband DAS
  • Blind mate for panel as well as test & measurement

Designed to meet the demands of upcoming 5G networks

NEX10® PIM Measurement

PIM Measurement of a NEX10® Coaxial Cable 1/2"

NEX10 Jumper Boot

Rosenberger Jumper Boot for NEX10®

Protection for Extreme Weather Conditions

Even if jumpers comply with IP68, in some cases it may be necessary to add more protection due to extreme weather conditions. The NEX10® jumper boot is an ideal alternative to tape. Whether pre-installed in the factory or installed in the field, the jumper boot provides a fast, easy and durable solution.

Features & Benefits


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