Miniature Low PIM RF Coax Connector System for Small Cells

Leading connector suppliers announce the launch of NEX10, a jointly developed new RF connector system.

The NEX10™ connector system is designed to meet the existing and future demands of small cell and upcoming 5G networks. The new NEX10™ interface offers very low PIM performance in a robust design and compact size.

The NEX10™ is officially released for mass production and is being designed in with leading telecommunications equipment suppliers, with first roll out planned in Q3, 2017 in USA.

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Compact Size for Small Cells

Guaranteeing PIM stability

Features & Benefits

The NEX10™ interface was designed using the many years of experience gained in the field of Low PIM connector design to develop a robust, low PIM connector.

  • Co-developed by leading RF connector manufacturers
  • Small size, 12.7 mm flange height
  • Robust design for outdoor use
  • Screw and push-pull coupling mechanism
  • −166 dBc PIM, independent of torque
  • Operating till 20 GHz with excellent return loss
  • Optimized for cable sizes of up to ¼” corrugated cables

Connectors in Comparison: NEX10™ vs. 4-3.10

NEX10™ cable assembly PIM measurement

Designed to Meet the Demands of Upcoming 5G Networks

The NEX10™ interface is the ideal candidate for applications requiring PIM stability in a compact size such as small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture, and MIMO.

  • Small Cell Applications
  • Low-power base stations
  • In multi-operator/multiband DAS
  • Blind mate for panel as well as test & measurement

Designed to meet the demands of upcoming 5G networks

Jumper Boot and Multi Coax will be standardized in NEX10™

Jumper Boot

Jumper Boot

Even if jumpers comply with IP68, in some cases it may be necessary to add more protection due to extreme weather conditions. The Rosenberger NEX10™ jumper boot is an ideal alternative to tape. Whether pre-installed in the factory or installed in the field, the jumper boot provides a fast, easy and durable solution.

The NEX10™ female connector has a designated sealing area for weather protection boots. On screw-type connectors, the boot is pushed over the coupling nut after tightening. On push-pull connectors, the boot enables one-step installation for the interface. The boot sits tight on the quick lock mechanism and slides into place when the cable is connected to the equipment. Simply pull back the boot to disconnect the cable.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-lubricating for fast and easy installation
  • Reusable
  • UV resistant
  • IP68
  • Dedicated sealing area on universal jack
  • Support high density radio- and antenna ports
Multi Coax

Multi Coax

The increasing number of jumper connections per site has resulted in the need for a Multi Coax connector. The NEX10™ Multi Coax connector provides 4 NEX10™ interfaces within one connector on the same form factor as a 7-16 connector. For very narrow applications, a push-pull version is available.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced installation time
  • Smaller form factor as single connectors
  • Same outstanding electrical perfomance as 4 single NEX10™
  • Foolproof – no swapped links


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