Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enters production


DFJ-Podcast "Kassiopeia and the Future Fab"

Who wouldn't like to know what the factory will look like in 2050 and how the processes will work. The podcast series "Kassiopeia and the Future Fab" by the Digital Factory Journal seeks to get answered these questions. It provides insights into various areas on the future of smart factories. It provides insights into various areas of the factory of the future. 

The current podcast ist specifically about Single Pair Ethernet, or SPE for short. Simon Seereiner from Weidmüller and Thomas Keller from Rosenberger explain the state of technology, application areas and standardization options. 

Look forward to professional insights into the fascinating infrastructure of tomorrow.


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Possibilities and Opportunities of Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet represents a new way of networking, a technology shift. Switching from two- or four-pair cabling to single-pair cabling saves space, weight and cost. More importantly, this streamlined approach to cabling enables end-to-end communication - the digital infrastructure of tomorrow. And Single Pair Ethernet is here to stay, driven by the growing acceptance in the ethernet in the industry.

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