Rosenberger invests in Renewable Energy

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are fundamental to Rosenberger.

With the help of ABEL ReTec GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in renewable energies, Rosenberger has equipped its headquarters plant in Fridolfing with a 935 kWp photovoltaics system for energy self-supply. The system will generate about 800,000 kWh of solar power each year. This equals a saving in CO2 emissions of nearly 470 tons every year.

Additionally, other emissions are reduced, for example lead, nitric oxide or mercury. Once more, Rosenberger invests in its future - now also in terms of energy supply.


3000 PV modules


800,000 kWh / year electrical power

470 tons CO2 savings every year


100% self-consumption

With the new PV system, Rosenberger takes responsibility in protecting the climate and the environment.

Roland Huber, Managing Director ABEL ReTec

The idea to build a photovoltaics system in Fridolfing has already been in the heads for some time. There are sufficient rooftops with suitable orientation. Another driver was the greater goal to do something effective for protecting the climate, the enormous savings in electricity costs and the fact to be more independent from energy suppliers, electricity prices and conventional energy sources.

Existing power lines are conducting the generated solar power to the buildings. The yearly output of the PV system is expected to be nearly one gigawatt-hour.

ABEL ReTec, located in Engelsberg, is providing comprehensive solutions in the area of renewable energies for almost two decades now and enables its customers to benefit from the energy revolution, to produce clean energy by themselves, be independent from energy suppliers and therefore reduce electricity costs in the long run.