New Site Solutions Catalogues

Rosenberger has released 3 new Site Solutions catalogues:


The new edition of the Site Solutions FTTA / PTTA catalogue:

Neutral Point of Interface, Plug & Play PreCONNECT® FTTA / PTTA solutions, products and accessories to fit 5G installation scenarios and beyond.

Download the FTTA & PTTA catalog


Passive DAS Solutions

The new edition of the Site Solutions Passive DAS Solutions catalogue:

Splitters, couplers, hybrid combiners, termination loads, attenuators, in-building antennas, connectors, cables, adaptors and tools as well as the PIM Site Analyzer α.

Download the Passive DAS Solutions catalog


Transmission Line Devices

The first edition of the Site Solutions Transmission Line Devices catalogue:

Filter combiners (dual, triple, quad band), DC stops, TMAs and Bias Tees.

Download the TLD catalog