Solderless PCB Mount Connectors


A significant trend is the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of high frequency electronics and modern data-transmission circuits, alongside a strong push toward integrated modules, is cost and performance. This means that classical coax connectors do not have an important role to play in large volume assemblies at high frequencies. However, connectivity solutions for test and measurement applications are required for frequencies up to 110 GHz and beyond in the design phase. To address these issues, the Solderless PCB Mount Rosenberger Precision Connectors (RPC) were developed.

Surface mount connectors are typically realized as right angle or edge mount types. Both of these types are used throughout the communication industry where impedance control and good shielding properties are required. They are reliable, exhibiting excellent and reproducible results. However, with the move to very high frequencies, where the wavelength of the transmitted signals is comparable to the dimensions of the connector, care has to be taken not to couple resonant structures to the signal path.

This means that careful control of potential resonances and radiation at the interface from the connector to the circuit board is essential for a predictable performance. The wavelength in vacuum is 3 mm at 100 GHz and quarter (0.75 mm) and half wave (1.5 mm) resonances have to be managed. Voids and gaps have to be small compared to these dimensions, keeping in mind that the wavelength is much smaller in the PCB dielectric.