Point-to-Point Backhaul Antennas

With market-leading experience and a global distribution network, Rosenberger provides backhaul antenna solutions from 0.3 m to 1.8 m, helping you to meet the demands of your customers - today and in the future. Rosenberger offers the highest quality products for meeting the most stringent international regulatory standards. Best in class R&D expertise, testing facilities and supply chain alignment ensure product development and customer support is provided effectively.

Reflector Antenna Solution

(Standard Microwave Frequency and E-band)

Rosenberger offers cost-effective and compliant MW/MM wave reflector antennas in all sizes: from 0.3 m to 1.8 m in licensed bands from 6 GHz to 86 GHz. Our 0.3M and 0.6M 80GHz reflector antennas provide E-band solutions for both current and future backhaul networks.

E-band Flat Panel Array Antennas

The E-band Flat Panel Array Antenna is an innovative low-profile and compact solution designed for backhaul networks. It allows spectrum management in the 71.0 - 86.0 GHz frequency
range as an alternative to microwave frequency bands where capacity availability is an important requirement.

Our 38 dBi E-band FPA is one of the smallest E-band antennas on the market, meeting the stringent requirements of ETSI Class 3 with good Return Loss and XPD performance.

Dual Band Antennas

Rosenberger’s innovative Dual Band Antenna (E band plus conventional MW band) ensures a strong, stable wireless connection for higher capacity and broader availability. The combination of high and low frequency bands allows the advantages of supporting higher capacities and broadening availability over greater distances, therefore achieving optimal utilization of the available spectrum.

Our use of Dual band antennas reduces total cost of ownership and results in CAPEX/OPEX savings by significantly reducing transportation requirements, installation time, tower loading and rental fees. All of which enables end users to keep pace with increasing capacity demands