Incabinet Solutions

Increasingly,  active antennas for 5G are using massive MIMO. A large number of B2B connections are required  between electronics and antenna array (up to 64 or 128 elements). As a result, pricing is becoming an increasingly critical factor.

EBC® - Efficient Board Connector

The new EBC® series from Rosenberger offers excellent electrical and mechanical properties such as axial and radial tolerance compensation. From a cost  perspective, the design has been optimized for mass production and enables multifunctional B2B and B2F applications. In addition, the EBC® has a unique self-aligning and centering function while  also meeting the shielding (EMI) and signal integrity (SI) requirements for MIMO applications.


  • Self-alignment and blind mate connection
  • Minimum board-to-board distance 12 mm
  • Axial tolerance ± 0.8mm and radial tolerance 4°
  • Operating frequency of DC to 8 GHz


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P-SMP Variants

Rosenberger offers a wide range of new and cost-effective variants within the P-SMP series. This further guarantees the advantages of a stable blind mate connection and the high flexibility of the P-SMP series. It also enables economical and compact B2B and B2F solutions. Additional advantages are provided by a design that has been optimized for mass production and compatibility with the standard P-SMP interface. Depending on individual requirements data transfers and high performance can be achieved with minimal B2B distances.


  • 200 W at 2.2 GHz at 20 ° C continuous power
  • Frequency range from DC to 10 GHz
  • Minimum B2B distance 12.6 mm
  • Axial tolerance ± 1 mm (± 1.2 mm according to redesign) and radial tolerance 4 ° (± 0.9 mm)
  • Cost-effective design for selected components

Hybrid Solutions

For high frequency and power B2B connections, Rosenberger offers tailor-made and individual hybrid solutions. These reduce the overall size and complexity of the system and allow data and power to be transmitted over one connection. Depending on the application and specific requirements, Rosenberger will design individually optimized concepts in collaboration with the customer.


  • Customer-specific concepts and applications (the graphic is only representative)
  • RF coaxial system according to customer requirements
  • Versatile composition / arrangement of the power pins possible (e.g. 2x10, 2x4, 3x8)
  • Different lengths possible

ICO Solutions (Inner Conductor Only)

For ensuring compact, cost- and space-saving B2B connections, Rosenberger includes a wide range of one-piece ICO solutions in its portfolio.  Available in various sizes and in numerous configurations, these can be adapted for specific applications and to suit the precise needs of the customer - depending on mechanical and electrical requirements.


  • Available as SMT with spring loaded contacts
  • Various lengths possible, currently from ~ 7mm
  • For most applications, frequency range from DC to 6 GHz

VIA® - Variable Interface Connector

Rosenberger's VIA® is designed for B2B and B2F RF connections and combines the advantages of existing connections (SMP, P-SMP, MBX, etc.). Restricted snap-in and smooth bore interfaces are integrated in the adapter and enable axial and radial tolerance compensation. With the simple and robust bullet design, low pairing forces as well as reliable and secure connections can be achieved.


  • Blind mate connection
  • Minimum board-to-board distance 12 mm
  • Axial tolerance ± 1mm and radial tolerance 4°
  • Operating frequency of DC to 6 GHz


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Interposer Solutions

Rosenberger offers various interposer solutions for handling robust applications involving micro-pitch connections under high impact and vibration loads. Depending on the requirements and specific application, cost-effective, tailor-made and space-saving B2B solutions for power and data transmission can be individually developed and optimized.


  • Customized solutions for various applications
  • Different B2B distances possible
  • Different types of contact possible
    • Spring contacts on both sides
    • One-sided spring contact with solder balls