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Reliable communication systems have become a part of our daily life that is taken for granted. As the leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions with the necessary infrastructure that is required, Rosenberger offers a comprehensive range of products, services and the know-how required to meet the continually increasing demands in terms of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

M2M benefits - future-proof solutions with Machine-to-Machine

Even today, there are many application areas in which companies can use M2M technology. On the basis of this technology, business processes can be set up with a greater degree of automation and run more efficiently. Almost all deployment scenarios are conceivable. In the coming years, M2M will establish itself as one of the key technologies in many commercial segments and industrial branches.

An overview of the benefits

  • The new technology enables the implementation of new business models, solutions and services.
  • Thanks to automated solutions, the efficiency and productivity of company processes will increase and the costs will sink.
  • When a company focuses on innovative/future-oriented technologies, a wide spectrum of optimization potential is made available and competitive advantages are secured.

M2M is the technical basis for the "Internet of things"
The M2M infrastructure is used by IoT (Internet of Things) to merge data from many different sources via one uniform user platform.

Internet of Things - M2M doing its everyday work

Devices, machines and everyday objects are outfitted with sensors or chips and networked over the cloud with the Internet. The Internet of Things is more than the mere interaction with the objects. Even static non-intelligent/non-networked objects can be introduced into the IoT.

In the case of IoT, the individual human is the main focus - the technology should simply make the lives of people simpler and more comfortable. The uses of IoT range from energy usage measurement, building management and networked vehicle traffic up to health care provision.

In order to master the digital transformation, we are constantly evaluating the newly emerging technologies. By collaborating, we also determine how the intensified networking of objects can profit your enterprise and indicate user-specific recommendations for action. However, M2M, on the other hand, is defined as a technology with the goal of automating and optimizing processes. Included in this are the transmission and communication of protocols between various application areas.

Our M2M competence - expert knowledge from one single source

As an M2M solution provider, Rosenberger offers the complete product and service spectrum for individualized implementation of your M2M project.

Overview of our services

M2M in usage - machine-to-machine communication makes daily life easier

The application areas for M2M communication are tremendously diverse. In all of these applications areas, sensors, machines, individual modules and complete systems communicate with one another or transmit the data to a central control center.

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Rosenberger takes shares in telematic company CE+

Rosenberger is engaged in the field of telematics and M2M communication since 2011. The main focus has been on development and manufacturing of hardware devices. To be able to provide customers, in future, with complete systems consisting of both hardware and software, Rosenberger has taken shares in the telematic company CE+, located in Timelkam, Austria.

TINO® basic - autarkic tracking unit

The TINO® basic is an autonomous telematics system for determining location by means of GPS and transmission of the position data to a web portal via GSM/GPRS.

Since the power is supplied by its own internal battery, this system is ideally suited for location tracking of objects. With a single battery set the RoTrack is able to communicate up to 1400 messages (assuming good GPS-/GSM-conditions in the climate zone Central Europe).

The system is set into an IP65 housing.

TINO® basic in detail

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