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A product flyer introduces Rosenberger’s new 75 Ohm calibration kit which is designed for applications up to 12 GHz.

This high performance calibration kit enables measurements in RPC-N, 75 Ohm as well as in BNC 75 Ohm applications when special adaptors (incl.) are used.


Rosenberger presents a new product flyer Solderless PCB Mount Connectors which contains product features and technical data in detail. Pre-positioning of these connectors is determined by alignment pins, the mounting process is solderless and a wide range of board thicknesses can be utilized thanks to the clamping mechanism.

The product spectrum covers the connector series RPC-2.92 (up to 40 GHz), RPC-1.85 (up to 70 GHz) and RPC-1.00 (up to 110 GHz).



The successfully completed qualification of our Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure (RFE) products has been fulfilled. RFE is a waterproof sealing enclosure for fiber optic and data cable assemblies in outdoor applications:

•    Easy to installation, even in the field
•    Snap-on locking mechanism
•    Waterproof according to IP 67

Rosenberger RFEs have been designed specifically for outdoor field installation and are available completely pre-assembled in cable assemblies as well as accessories for refitting cable systems already mounted in the field.


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