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LIGA Technology & MCI - Monolithic Compliant Interconnect
Durability and precision in small form factors.
LIGA & MCI - a superior alternative to traditional spring pins for demanding applications.
The LIGA Technology
Due to the needs for higher packing densities on tran- sistors, it is increasingly difficult to find space for all of the spring pins needed to make contact with electrical interconnects on the DUT (device under test), particularly when the DUT consists of integrated circuits on undiced wafers. However, spring pins or pogo pins cannot be made much smaller using traditional manuf- acturing methods.

Rosenberger has addressed this challenge by using the LIGA (based on the German acronym for lithography, electroplating, and molding) process, which employs semiconductor manufacturing methods to accurately build tiny yet complex mechanisms – ones that are much smaller than the smallest interconnect produced using conventional methods. A monolithic compliant interconnect (MCI) produced using LIGA can have features as small as 10 µm wide as well as dozens of geometric features to enhance mechanical and electri- cal performance.Implementing the LIGA technology, Rosenberger designs and manufactures the probe product line for microwave wafer and PCB test systems.

Our patented technology ensures highly accurate measurements with low contact resistance and superior impedance control. The RF microwave signal makes just one transition to the coplanar contact structure within the shielded, air-isolated probe body. This maintains the signal integrity with stable performance over a temperature range from 10 K to 300° C.
The LIGA Technology - Probes
Contacting the DUT with the probe is simple, highly repeatable, and requires significantly less overtravel than alternative RF wafer probes. This is due to the robust design of the coplanar contact structure and the elimination of the micro-coax cable.
  • Frequency range: DC up to 67 GHz
  • High power: 16 W at 5 GHz
  • Standard pitches: 50 µm up to 2,500 Mm
  • Contact cycles: > 1,000,000
MCI – Monolithic Compliant Interconnect
MCI – Monolithic  Compliant  Interconnect  contact pins are produced with an electroforming process to meet highest precision requirements and industry lea- ding small form factors. Metal is built up with an addi-
tive process to form parts on a micro scale with feature sizes down to 3 µm.
 	 MCI – Monolithic Compliant Interconnect
 	 MCI – Monolithic Compliant Interconnect
Due to the additive nature of the process, very tiny and well-defined shapes can be designed and replicated.
Precise dimensional control is the basis for compact
and reliable designs with superior durability tailored to specific application requirements, e.g. interposer or
board-to-board interconnections.

Rosenberger has rich experience in the design, production, and verification of micro parts along with relevant state-of- the-art design, simulation, and manufacturing capabilities.

  • High reliability and durability
  • Excellent signal integrity
  • High density
  • Well defined contact force
  • Low and stable contact resistance