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Mobile Communication - FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna
The new generation of high-performance fiber-optic cables for high-speed data transfer from Rosenberger secures your network connectivity today and in the future.

The connection between the base station and remote radio unit is the key to the quality of the data transmission to the end user. Our extensive experience in the fiber-optic technology field, innovative product development and our long-term co-operation with the leading OEMs and network operators in the telecommunication sector enables us to develop the next generation of universal, FTTA cabling systems.   
Rosenberger FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna

  • FTTA Trunking System: FTTA Distribution Enclosure, Fiber Jumper, Fiber Trunk
  • Tower Multi-Fiber System, RDC jumper
  • Discrete Cabling: Individual fiber feeder pairs


  • Pre-connected FTTA-Cabling
  • Standardized fiber optic components
  • Hybride solutions with integrated lightning protection
  • Installation of thousands of new antenna masts with our products, year after year
  • Custom designed solutions
Rosenberger FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna
Rosenberger FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna
Rosenberger FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna
Rosenberger FTTA - Fiber to the Antenna
  • Hybrid cables (Fiber and Power) 
  • Jumper cables, feeder cables and trunk systems (multi-fiber)
  • Fiber distribution units
  • Indoor equipment jumper cable
  • Outdoor multi channel cables
    (PreCONNECT® Tower Multi-Fiber System - TMFS,
    PreCONNECT® Fiber Feeder Outdoor)
  • Accessories, e.g. cable clamps or rubber sleeves
  • Tools
  • Pre-fabricated with up to 24 coded fibers
  • Tested glass fiber patch cords and trunks
  • Robust distribution units and multi-fiber cable
  • Pair coded cable which assures easy and error-free installation
  • High UV resistance of the cable sheaths
  • Waterproof installation in compliance with
    IP 67
  • Fast and safe installation
Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure (RFE)
The new developed and qualified Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure (RFE) with its snap-on locking mechanism sets a milestone in outdoor FTTA installation. RFE's area waterproof sealing enclosures for fiber optic and data cable assemblies and are available completely pre-assembled in cable assemblies as well as accessories for refitting cable systems already mounted in the field.

Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure FTTA
Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure FTTA
Product Features
  • For cable diameters from 4.5 mm  up to 9 mm
  • Easy to install, even in the field
  • Pre-assembled as well as accessories for refitting
  • Snap-on locking mechanism
  • Waterproof according to IP 67
  • UV resistant
  • UL 94-VO
  • For fiber and data cable assemblies
  • Outdoor and harsh environments applications
  • 4-hole, square flange for RRUs and distribution boxes
PRIZM® Light Turn® - New Flyer! High-Speed Fiber Optic Transmission - directly at the PCB
No more limitations from PCB copper strip lines

Constantly increasing bandwidth requirements in all areas of communication and computing are putting greater demands on networking I/O equipment. Current edge-mount copper or fiber interfaces are at their limits. Embedded parallel-optics have become the solution of choice to meet these demands. High-performance routers, switches and computers have already utilized this technology for a decade.
PRIZM® Light Turn®
Rosenberger: First manufacturer of MTP® cabling systems in Europe guarantees highest level of availability, outstanding product and service quality.

Embedded opto-electrical modules, optical engines, utilize parallel-optics transmitter and receiver arrays. For optimum signal integrity, thermal management, I/O consolidation and EMI/ESD, the opto-electrical modules are directly mounted close to the processors at the PCB. Parallel-optic links can complement electronic signaling in parallel lanes like XAUI und PCIe.

Parallel optics applications:
  • links between nodes of super-computers
  • switches in international internet gateways
  • data centers
  • central offices