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PCB Connectors
Solutions for Board-to-Board and Board-to-Cable Connections
Rosenberger provides a wide range of RF coaxial connectors for PCB applications. A wide range of installation variants are available. The range incorporates new innovative series, e.g. EBC®, SMP Infinty und VIA®, as well as common series such as SMP, Mini-SMP, Longwipe-SMP, P-SMP, FMC and Micro-RF. Rosenberger also offers optimum PCB connectors for many common standard RF series such as SMA, QMA, SMB, MCX and Mini-Coax as well as for automotive or test and measurement technology applications.

In addition to small board-to-board distances, essential characteristics are equalization of radial and axial misalignments, the different holding forces and a fast and cost-effective assembly design. The surface-mount technology facilitates very good transmission characteristics and automatic installation using the special tape & reel packaging.
Rosenberger EBC®
Rosenberger’s new EBC® series is the ideal 5G board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnect solution for sub 6 GHz massive MIMO active antennas and radios. Its outstanding performance and rigorous design to cost make this solution the ideal choice for 5G radio interconnections.
Rosenberger EBC®
  • Preloaded outer contacts for contact optimization
  • One design for many applications
  • Self-centering / self-alignment – blind mateability
  • Optimized for PCB and filters
  • Simple filter connection
  • Excellent signal integrity (SI)
  • Excellent shielding required for MIMO applications (EMI)
  • Designed for mass-volume production
  • 100% design to cost; lowest TCO on the market
  • Only one PCB coupler design – consistent footprint
  • Detent type on the bullet (limited detent – smooth bore)
  • Small outline
  • Best-in-class axial and radial compensation
VIA® – Variable Interface Adaptor
Rosenberger has incorporated all of the benefits of the different board-to-board and board-to-module HF connections (SMP, LW-SMP, P-SMP, and MBX) into the newly developed VIA® (Variable Interface Adaptor) B2B series. The mechanical design features one key USP to win over prospective customers: the locating side is integrated in the adaptor (bullet). One side of the bullet has a smooth bore, while the other side has a limited-detent design.
 VIA® – Variable Interface Adaptor
  • Frequency range: DC to 6 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distance: 12 mm
  • Axial misalignment: ± 1 mm
  • Designed for high performance:
    100 W @ 2.2 GHz @ 25 °C
  • Bullets in different lengths
SMP Infinity - One-Step Locking Mechanism
SMP Infinity - the new innovative connector series with one-step locking mechanism in small dimensions and best performance. Product range with pre-assembled inner conductor available as cable, PCB, bulkhead connectors as well as test adaptors and cable assemblies.
SMP Infinity - One-Step Locking Mechanism
Frequency range: DC up to 40 GHz
Return loss: > 25 dB @ DC - 30 GHz
Mating cycles: > 500
SMP - For Multi-functional Board-to-Board Connections
SMP - For Multi-functional Board-to-Board Connections
  • Frequency range up to 40 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distances: 9.35 mm
  • Axial misalignment: ± 0.3 mm
  • Bullets in different lengths
Mini-SMP – Miniature SMP
  • Frequency range up to 65 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distances: 7.95 mm
  • Axial misalignment: ± 0.1 mm
  • Small dimensions
  • Bullets in different lengths
  • Ideally suited for high-speed interconnect applications, e.g. at 40 Gbit/s
Longwipe-SMP – Extreme Misalignment Tolerance
Longwipe-SMP – Extreme Misalignment Tolerance
  • Frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distances: 9.35 mm
  • Extreme axial misalignment: ± 0.7 mm
  • Bullets in different lengths
P-SMP – Maximum Power
P-SMP - Maximum Power
  • Frequency range up to 10 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distances: 12.6 mm
  • Axial misalignment: ± 1 mm
  • Designed for high performance
  • 200 W@2.2 GHz and more, depending on the design

FMC – Reproducible Electrical Properties
FMC – Reproducible Electrical Properties
  • Frequency range up to 11 GHz
  • Minimum board-to-board distances: 6.05 mm
  • Axial misalignment: ± 0.3 mm
  • Designed for PCB applications  in the tightest spaces
  • No signal phase change within the mechanical tolerance misalignment
Micro-RF – smallest PCB connector
 Micro-RF – Integrated Test Switches
  • Frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Very small dimensions  (1.8 mm x 1.9 mm, height 1.5 mm)
  • Smallest solution for cable-to-board connections
PRIZM® Light Turn® - High-Speed Fiber Optic Transmission - directly at the PCB
No more limitations from PCB copper strip lines

Constantly increasing bandwidth requirements in all areas of communication and computing are putting greater demands on networking I/O equipment. Current edge-mount copper or fiber interfaces are at their limits. Embedded parallel-optics have become the solution of choice to meet these demands. High-performance routers, switches and computers have already utilized this technology for a decade.

PRIZM® Light Turn®
Rosenberger: First manufacturer of MTP® cabling systems in Europe guarantees highest level of availability, outstanding product and service quality.

Embedded opto-electrical modules, optical engines, utilize parallel-optics transmitter and receiver arrays. For optimum signal integrity, thermal management, I/O consolidation and EMI/ESD, the opto-electrical modules are directly mounted close to the processors at the PCB. Parallel-optic links can complement electronic signaling in parallel lanes like XAUI und PCIe.

Parallel optics applications:
  • links between nodes of super-computers
  • switches in international internet gateways
  • data centers
  • central offices
Layout Recommendations - Customized Footprints
Rosenberger PCB Connectors
The RF performance and quality of surface mount connections depends on various parameters, such as substrate thickness and board-stack-up. Optimized for your application, we provide customer-specific footprints and layout recommendations.