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Chip Test Systems
Rosenberger offers a wide range of multiport connectors to meet the ever challenging requirements of the semiconductor test equipment industry. In our high-tech test assembly tester area, we manufacture, construct and test multiport connectors for customized and variable measuring configurations in modern chip test systems.
Measuring Robot - Rosenberger-SWS
The electrical testing of highly-complex cables for chip testers is undertaken by measurement robots constructed by Rosenberger. These Rosenberger-SWS automatic measuring robots determine and document important specific RF relevant values, such as:
  • Return loss (VSWR)
  • Insertion loss
  • Time domain
  • Runtime
  • Group runtime
  • Transmission phase
Using specially manufactured and configured measurement adapters for different assembly variants ensures that every position of the test object has a precise contact and measurement can be performed wear-free.
Measuring Station – Cross Station
The automatic systems for press-in force monitoring (integrated incorrect polarity, force and displacement monitoring) for complex multiport assemblies, guarantee process-safe insertion of individual cables in the specific positions and at end limits.

Multiport assemblies are assembled and tested in the tightest of spaces on computer-controlled systems, without damaging adjacent cables.