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Mechanical Design
Because of the increasing level of miniaturization and the high cost pressures with connectors and cables, the analysis and prediction of mechanical properties of our products are becoming increasingly important.

All the conventional simulation tools and testing methods are available under one roof at Rosenberger.
Material Analysis
Our products are subjected to high mechanical and tribological demands. For this reason, comprehensive testing is necessary during product development to ensure that these demands can be met. The following testing options contribute to product performance:

Material Analysis
Material Analysis
  • REM and EDX - analysis for evaluation of the wear on galvanic surfaces
  • Metallography, e.g. for acquisition of microstructure and crack formation
  • CT – images for representation of the fiber-glass alignment in GRP components
  • Measurement of the modulus of elasticity and elongation at break, rupture stress as an input parameter for the FEM simulation
Mechanical Component Design
The high mechanical demands placed on our products necessitate inspection of the most important properties and requirements in the early phases of construction.
Mechanical Component Design
Mechanical Component Design
Mechanical Component Design
With the employment of FEM, we are in a position to predict, to a high level of accuracy, the spring properties, rupture force (fiber-glass reinforced plastics) and permanent deformation.

In this simulation, the non-linearity of contact, material and structure can be considered and thus a very precise result can be achieved.

If required, a thermal field analysis can be undertaken to determine the flow of heat in components and assemblies.
Micro Mechanics
Micro mechanical components are one way to further extend the limits in the fields of miniaturization and higher frequencies.

A group of well-trained experts is producing a range of standard products with highest precision as well as customized special products.
At Rosenberger, micro mechanics has been introduced in the form of LIGA contact springs for wafer probes. The highest levels of precision, even with very small dimensions, facilitate the transmission of signals with very low loss levels. Experience in the design and processing of thin layer substrates is also included in this area of expertise.