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EMC Measurement Technology
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the particular feature of electrical and electronic equipment to function properly in their electromagnetic environment without causing interference to other electrical equipment.
In today's modern automobiles, a large range of complex networks and bus systems already exist, which facilitate a variety of safety and comfort functions. The trend to electro-mobility and the associated high power levels has recently led to the focus of attention in particular on the issue of EMC.
EMC Laboratory
EMC Laboratory
EMC Laboratory
EMC Laboratory
The Rosenberger EMC laboratory is in operation since beginning of 2013. Centerpiece is an anechoic chamber for EMI measurements at component level compliant to ISO 11452-2 and EN 55025 (CISPR 25).

The special cladding with ferrite and hybrid absorbers enables measurements in the frequency range 9 kHz to 18 GHz with antennae, coupling clamps as well as striplines.

Furthermore, a whole range of tests accompanying development can be performed. Examples include signal integrity measurements on high-speed data connections, coupling mechanisms within high-voltage systems or measurements of the far-field radiation characteristics of active and passive RF components.
Shielding Measurement Technology
The shield measurement system CoMet was developed in close co-operation with the German cable manufacturer bedea. The measurement system is based on the measurement of coupling between the so-called inner and outer circle in a triaxial arrangement. After a short preparation, the test object is introduced into the measurement system and measured in a short time with the assistance of a network analyzer. This measurement system can now be found in use across the globe. One reason for this is the standardization of the methods by the IEC in the series IEC 62153-4-X. Much of the practical and theoretical knowledge gained by Rosenberger in the day-to-day use of the system is implemented directly in active standardization work and the continuous improvement of the standard.

Shielding Measurement Technology
With the assistance of the triaxial shielding measurement set-up, the shielding properties of cables and connectors can be described by the coupling impedance and the shield attenuation and determined by measurement. In practice, this measurement procedure offers the engineer a tool to evaluate differing shielding concepts with regard to their electrical properties.
Together with a university co-operation partner, a graphic user interface has been created in order to compare the measurement results obtained with the theoretically calculated shield attenuation.
Rosenberger has developed the CoMeT (Coupling Measuring Tube) measuring system in conjunction with bedea. It is used to evaluate the effect of the shielding (shield attenuation, coupling impedance and coupling attenuation) of coaxial and symmetrical cables and connectors.

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