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Wireless Coverage Solutions
As mobile data usage increases exponentially each year, wireless coverage deployments have significant importance in today’s market. Rosenberger’s wireless coverage solutions provide customers with indoor wireless coverage systems, outdoor site solutions, BTS coverage expansion, and distributed antenna systems (DAS) deployments. These systems are designed to support various global telecommunication standards, such as GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE. With our global R&D centers and manufacturing facilities, Rosenberger can provide timely products and solutions to serve our customers worldwide.
Passive Components for IBS
Rosenberger provides passive components and customized products for indoor and outdoor wireless coverage solutions, which include combiners, filters, duplexers, power splitters, couplers, hybrid combiners, loads, attenuators and Point-of-Interface (POI).

Passive Components for IBS
Features & Benefits
  • Complete products series for passive coverage
  • Low PIM, low interference and high power handling
  • Support up to 3.8GHz frequency band for the coming 5G
 Smart Point of Interface (SPOI)
With a new breakthrough in the design of traditional passive POI, the SPOI adopts a modular plug-and-play design, precise power monitoring technology and system link budget configuration and balancing, convenient port expansion, and supporting multi-operator, multi-band, and multi-technology.
 Smart Point of Interface (SPOI)
Features & Benefits
  • As the interface between BTS and IBS system, the Smart POI combines different BTS RF signals together and converts them to optical for transmission to the remote unit
  • Provides individual gain control for each RF port and sector configuration
  • Standard module for plug & play
  • Up to 8 BTS cards to support up to 16 different sectors per RF rack, and up 3 racks
  • Up to 32 fiber ports connect to various high and/or low power remote units
  • Permits capacity configuration and relocation
  • Provides total NMS solution


Rosenberger Active DAS with Integrated Antenna (RADiANT)
RADiAnt is a family of fiber-optic based DAS repeater products supporting multiple frequency bands and technologies. A key feature of RADiAnt is the integration of the antenna with the remote unit (i.e., active DAS) to provide superior performance compared with traditional DAS solutions.

Rosenberger Active DAS with Integrated Antenna (RADiANT)
Features & Benefits
  • End-to-end fibre cable connectivity
  • Good VSWR and very low PIM
  • No additional field testing improves installation time and success
  • No additional localized AC or DC power required for remote units
  • Easy to implement MIMO
  • Reduced uplink losses and noise figure
  • Easier to split into more sectors and add more capacity; Expand as you grow
  • Available in 6 mm² or 10 mm²
  • High cable capacity
  • Stabilization of RRH supply voltage
  • Low inductance
  • Improved transient response
  • Smaller diameter and higher flexibility  compared to two-wire design Tight bending radius
  • UV-resistant
  • 360° EMI shielded - higher surge protection
  • Easy installation
 Wireless (Off-Air) Repeater Solutions
Rosenbergers off-air repeaters are designed to support multi-mode and multi-operator coverage applications for use in blind spots, quick deployment requirements, and areas without backhaul facilities for base station. Based on software defined radio (SDR) technology, Rosenberger’s off-air repeaters covers the global cellular frequency band (from 698 MHz to 2690 MHz), and supports wide range output powers (from 13 dBm to 43 dBm) with total network monitoring (NMS) capabilities.

Wireless (Off-Air) Repeater Solutions
Features & Benefits
  • Typical high gain with integrated design offering exceptional coverage
  • Typical 60dB out-of-band rejection to prevent unwanted interference from outdoor or from other operators
  • Variable sub-bands to support multi-operator applications with variable instantaneous bandwidth to cater for evolving network requirements
  • Improved installation and operation with Isolation indicator
  • DIY plug and play ICS repeater