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Rosenberger Microwave Antenna Backhaul Solutions
Currently wireless infrastructure is the dominant mode of providing the backhaul for cellular networks. It is expected that wireless technologies will continue to play a critical role for 5G deployment also. Mostly, today the wireless backhaul are based on P-t-P connectivity in licensed bands of Microwave and Millimetre wave parts of electromagnetic spectrum.

The Microwave/Millimetre wave antenna is an important component of the wireless backhaul system, providing point-to-point communication. If the antenna is not compliant, capacity will be compromised with negative effects to CAPEX/OPEX, revenue and customer satisfaction. Antenna compliance is vital to 5G backhaul networks and in MM wave part of spectrum, where a small error can have a big effect on link performance. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to compromise on design or quality.

With market-leading experience, and a truly global distribution network, Rosenberger can provide the complete backhaul P-t-P antenna solution to help you meet the demands of today and in the future.

Rosenberger offers cost effective and compliant MW/MM Wave reflector antennas in all sizes from 0.3M to 1.8M.  This includes 0.3M and 0.6M 80GHz reflector antennas which provide E-band solutions for both current and future backhaul networks. 

The E-band Flat Panel Array Antenna is an innovative, low-profile and compact antenna design for backhaul networks. This antenna allows you to manage your spectrum in the 71.0-86.0GHz frequency range, as an alternative to the microwave frequency bands where availability may be limited.

Rosenberger’s innovative Dual Band Antennas ensure a strong, stable wireless connection in often difficult to reach locations. It enables end users to keep up with increasing capacity demands and allows for optimal utilization of available spectrum. The combination of a low and high frequency band leverages the benefits of both bands, supporting higher capacities and broader availability over longer distances.

Rosenberger offers cost effective and high quality products from 6 to 86 GHz; which meet the most stringent of international regulatory standards, thanks to our best in class R&D function, testing facilities and the alignment of our supply chain to ensure product developments and customer support can be effectively delivered.