Delivering Efficient RF Connectivity in a 5G World - New Rosenberger EBC®


As a world-leading RF connector manufacturer, Rosenberger is at the forefront of innovation in the design of new RF connection solutions which are fully optimized and future-proofed for 5G. The company’s new low cost, high performance Efficient Board Connector (EBC®) is a clear example. The EBC® solution enables customers to easily adapt to new critical product design and market challenges being driven by 5G, including:

  • The implementation of high-volume manufacturing processes
  • The need for the same connector components for both sides of PCBs
  • Spring loaded parts on PCBs
  • Simpler and lower cost build-up of adaptors
  • Shorter life cycle of products
  • Competitive marketplace
  • Growing pricing pressure

EBC® is a next generation universal RF Board-to-Board/Module adaptor enabling one design solution for many applications. It uniquely integrates both limited detent and smooth bore interfaces in a single bullet, accommodating all of the benefits of the most commonly used Board-to-Board and Board-to-Module HF connections including SMP, LW-SMP, P-SMP.