RF Design

Intelligence Connects Products Based on the Synchronisation of Electronic and Mechanical Design

This requires for example the transmission of very fast signals and a reliable signal path. Therefore Research and Development at Rosenberger has made quality and precision the highest priority: innovative design-tools provide a detailed forecast relating to significant system parameters such as characteristic impedance, reflections, attenuation and electromagnetic coupling.

Radio-Frequency Design

The implementation of production methods for producing higher quantities demands high precision tools. For ensuring efficiency on all levels predicting the expected transmission characteristic of these tools is of immense importance.

To reduce lead times and tool cost different simulation tools can be used including High Frequency Electromagnetic Solver (HFSS) and Microwave Studio (MWS) for the calculation of high-frequencies in 3D structures. This ensures the geometry and dielectronic characteristics of the assembly.  

ANSYS is also utilized for circuit simulation modelling in order to optimize the development of complex assemblies.

System Simulation

With the help of various software tools such as Ansoft Designer, CST Microwave Studio and MATLAB, Rosenberger’s engineers use their expertise for carrying out individual and complex system simulations. Simulations can be used for example where the transfer response of a channel requires investigation relating to a differential digital data stream. The results can be represented by so-called eye pattern diagrams which calculate the level of interference between transmitter and receiver due to cable attenuation.