Electronic Design

The Electronic Design section of the Research and Development department is responsible for the design and optimization of new connectors; development of customer-specific electronic circuit diagrams; creation of PCB-layouts and metrological validation of entire assemblies.

So what added value does Electronic Design provide for Rosenberger customers?

With virtual prototyping and subsequent production carried out directly by Rosenberger, new product throughput times are reduced, resulting in time and cost savings for customers. Furthermore, in-house production allows a maximum focus on customer-specific design requirements.

Circuit Design

Within the Scope of Circuit Design, Electronic Circuit Diagrams are Developed Based on Individual Customer Specifications and Encompass Country-Specific Standards

Proof of concept as a success factor: to guarantee the functionality desired by customers simulations are undertaken in advance for certain circuit groups. These will govern such aspects as transient behavior and transfer function.

Rosenberger’s basic principle is: A continuous analysis of new developments in the semiconductor industry ensures the use of state-of-the-art and compact integrated circuits. This ensures globally recognized and highly innovative products.

PCB Design

PCB Layouts

The transfer of pre-developed circuit diagrams to PCB-layouts guarantees maximum quality in terms of power and signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and space requirements.

Extensive use of virtual prototyping with simulation software, based on the “Finite Element Method” [FEM], enables Rosenberger products to achieve highest reliability from the very first production cycle while also reducing time to market.

Close attention and cooperation with Mechanical Design also ensures the smooth fusion of electronics and functional housing.

Test Boards for PCB Connectors

The development of test-PCBs takes place in the company’s RF test laboratory which examines the RF properties of connectors. This allows impedance controlled connections to be implemented on high-frequency substrates up to 70 GHz.

Adapter Boards for Other Connector Series

To show how Rosenberger products can operate with existing systems the company designs special adapter boards for demonstration systems.

Laboratory for PCB Mounting

Rosenberger’s in-house laboratory guarantees a reduction in mounting errors as well as minimizing production timescales for PCBA prototyping, therefore providing an optimized time-to-market.

In-House Electronics Prototype Production

The acceleration of sample throughput times results in a significant reduction in time to market: prototyping can be undertaken very quickly at a very early stage in the production process.

In addition to high flexibility, close communication with the hardware development department enables the rapid implementation of product variations.

Metrological Validation

Rosenberger accommodates electronic assemblies for radio equipment and provides pre-certification services to DIN EN 301 489 -1.

In addition measurements of sideband emissions for all common LTE and GSM mobile phone bands are carried out.

Finally, as part of its quality management procedures Rosenberger determines the reliability and lifetime of electronic circuits with in-house measuring and testing technology.

Further Information on EMC Measurement Technology

Cable Design

Rosenberger develops cable designs for specific requirements in close co-operation with leading cable manufacturers. For example, differential data lines for HSD (High Speed Data) transmission systems can be constructed and optimized - for the   specific needs of the automotive industry.

Traditional Ethernet solutions are undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by the increasing automation and digitization of industrial plants. This is demanding connections that are not only fit for purpose but also future-proof. Driven by the increased networking requirements of IIoT and Industry 4.0, the ideal solution for wired communication infrastructure with single-pair Ethernet is the combination of high transmission performance and space and weight.

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