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Since its foundation in 1991 Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen has been a valued partner for research and development in high-frequency measurement technology. As a full-range supplier of measurement technology the company provides comprehensive value-added supply chains and supports its customers throughout the entire process - from development and design, prototyping and first samples, through to small series production.

For specific requirements, custom solutions can be quickly developed at optimized costs. The company’s Radeberg site combines local know-how and competence with all the added benefits of the Rosenberger Group global network.

Customers can count on definite performance commitments that deliver real added value:

  • Development and construction, HF design
  • Prototypes, sample production and series production
  • Complete service on-site
  • Reliability and long-term partnership
  • Technical sales consulting for measurement technology products


From Prototype to Series Production

New developments typically start with CAD construction for mechanics together with simulations of the resulting RF features. Alternatively, a simulated RF line can be used as the starting point for a CAD design. Prototype part production is then performed using CNC lathes as well as conventional sample construction techniques.

At all times, developers at Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen monitor the sample and part production process and take corrective action if necessary. The extensive vertical production capabilities enable the manufacturing of single parts on CNC automatic lathes through to the refinement of raw components and assembly with testing of finished parts. Small series are produced at the development site in Radeberg while larger series can be transferred to subsidiaries within the Rosenberger Group.

Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen develops individual solutions for demanding projects with specific requirements. As a result, it is constantly establishing new fields of competence. If necessary, the development resources available at Rosenberger’s headquarters in Fridolfing, and elsewhere in the Group’s global network, can be called upon.

Development and Production Know-How

  • In-house development of passive HF components with thin and thick film technology
  • RF development, design and simulation in the CST-Microwave-Studio
  • CAD design, networked with HF simulation
  • HF precision laboratory for measuring and testing tasks up to 110 GHz
    • Optical and tactile measuring and testing methods in the µm range
    • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) up to 120 GHz
  • CNC prefabrication on various long and short turning machines from Tornos and Citizen with maximum piece diameters of up to 42 mm
  • CHC parts cleaning
  • Protective gas hardening ovens for bronze treatment
  • Classic tool machines for cold and hard soldering, milling, bending, cutting, pressing, drilling, sawing, welding, grinding, blasting and turning
  • Various surface coatings, mainly in galvanic layer structure (gold plated, passivated, silver plated, anodized, powder coated etc.)
  • Precision assembly at the highest level
  • Development and production of tools and testing equipment
  • Climatic chamber for relaxation cycles, stress tests and necessary reliability tests

Certified Precision and Reliability

Passive RF components and measuring equipment from Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen are manufactured from high-quality materials,  characterized by highest precision, quality and reliability:
coaxial precision components for calibration and verification as well as components with built-in resistors such as attenuators, mismatches and termination resistors.

Development, test and QA departments, measurement laboratories of well-known companies as well as universities and research institutes have been relying on products from Radeberg for many years. Metrological institutes such as the PTB in Braunschweig and METAS in Bern are also among its long-standing customers.

Product optimization for:

  • Stability and reproducibility
  • Precise VSWR and damping values
  • Bandwidths up to 110 GHz

Highest mechanical precision and extensive controls with the latest measuring technology are a matter of course for Rosenberger and reinforced by the Group’s ISO 9001 certification.  However, quality means much more than supplying faultless products day in day out. The continuous optimization of all processes in terms of time and costs is also crucial.

Extensive Portfolio

In addition to customized components manufactured in small series in Radeberg, Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen offers an extensive product range for the entire Rosenberger portfolio.


The range of calibration and verification components, attenuators, mismatches and terminating resistors includes:
Other HF components:
  • HF test adapter for production applications with long service life
  • Directional couplers, with low intermodulation
  • Power terminations and power attenuators
  • Individual components including nozzles and cable heads
  • Cable Assemblies up to 110 GHz (Semi Rigid, Semi Flex, Flexible/Braided)

Numbers, Data, Facts

  • > 45 employees
  • Operating area 1.450 m², 450 m² of which are CNC pre-fabrication for turned parts

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