Rosenberger Automotive Cabling


Rosenberger Automotive Cabling is an expert in manufacturing cable assemblies for automotive communication systems. Our products are used in the most modern information systems within vehicles and interconnect various electronic components.

We're assembling radio frequency and sensor cables according to the customer's needs. But not only in production but also already during development phase Rosenberger Automotive Cabling is a qualified partner.

Focused 100% on our customer's needs, quality and reliability are our strenghts.

Phone: +49 7082 9429500


We're hiring!

We're looking for a Customer Service / Internal Sales Employee (m/f/d) at our facilities in Neuenbürg.

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Sales & Management Germany


Rosenberger Automotive Cabling GmbH
Hohlohstraße 2
75305 Neuenbürg, Germany

  • Employees: 10

Production Plant Hungary


  • Employees: 280
  • Production area: 12.000 m²