Industrial mechanik Apprentice at Rosenberger



With an Apprenticeship at Rosenberger Nothing Stands in the Way of a Successful Start to Your Professional Life

Many of today's managers in our industry started their career with an apprenticeship at Rosenberger. This is because we ensure professional qualifications and career opportunities are open to all motivated employees – some of the best examples are well-known faces in the company. At Rosenberger you will experience pioneering spirit, creativity, teamwork and integrity. Furthermore, you will find that your skills and the responsibility you are allowed to take on will soon play a key part in the high-quality work undertaken at Rosenberger.

You can expect an attractive and secure apprenticeship position which is supported by access to state-of-the-art technology. Your colleagues will take care of your induction and guide you through all the aspects of your professional training. This will enable you to master all challenges quickly, independently and with self-initiative.