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The brandnew catalog presents the revised range of impedance controlled RosenbergerHSD® connectors. They enable various High Speed Data applications in the automotive market, e.g. LVDS cameras, USB and IEEE 1394 applications. Furthermore, the system can also be applied for digital infotainment electronics, digital symmetrical networks or even radio base stations.

RosenbergerHSD® Selection kit:
  • RosenbergerHSD®: shielded single, double, waterproof types
  • RosenbergerHSD®e: very cost effective unshielded variants for ethernet applications
  • RosenbergerHSD®+2, +4, +8: shielded variants with additional power pins for power supply purposes
The catalog includes detailed and further information of the RosenbergerHSD® concept, coding, pinning, technical data and technical references of our R&D, e.g. basics of differential signaling, signal integrity and EMC.


High-speed fiber optic transmission - directly at the PCB
No more limitations from PCB copper strip lines

Rosenberger: First manufacturer of MTP® cabling systems in Europe guarantees highest level of availability, outstanding product and service quality.

The brandnew flyer PRIZM® LightTurn® supplies Rosenberger's available designs: Bare Ribbons and Round Jacketed Cables.

A new catalog supplies Rosenberger's updated range of Passive Intermodulation Analyzers (PIA). There are available rack versions, as well as site and desktop analyzers. Terminations, adaptors and test cables complete the product portfolio. All analyzers are offered for measurements in various frequency bands.


Solderless Surface Mount PCB Connectors up to 110 GHz

Rosenberger has developed multiple-use, solderless surface-mount PCB connectors for RF test & measurement applications, available in the RPC-2.92 (up to 40 GHz), RPC-1.85 (up to 70 GHz) and RPC-1.00 (up to 110 GHz) connector series. The mounting process is solderless and a wide range of board thicknesses can be utilized thanks to the clamping mechanism.


Rosenberger Domex Telecom (RDT) opened on last May 2nd the FTTx Laboratory at Inatel, National Institute of Telecommunications, located in Santa Rita do Sapucai / MG.

Rosenberger Domex Telecom will attend LAAD Defence and Security International Exhibition – that reaches its 9th edition for the sector in Latin America. The biennial event brings together Brazilian and international companies specialized in supplying equipment

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