Rosenberger Magyarország Kft.

5123 Jászárokszállás
Tel:  +36 57 531-600
Fax: +36 57 531-301

2003 began the story of Rosenberger Magyarország KFT with the takeover of an assembly facility of Rosenberger Carlberg AB. Bit-by-bit Jászárokszállás was expanded into the European Assembly and Logistics center. Competences were developed in close cooperation with the parent company, employees were trained and the quality management system, which has been certified, has proven itself during frequent audits.

In 2007, the construction of a new assembly hall provided well-thought out solutions for the flow of goods and the optimization of the conditions for the employees ensuring that all operating processes were transparent and repeatable. On semiautomatic and fully automatic systems, for example, complex HSD cables are fabricated and quality control checked with integrated camera systems.

In 2010, the manufacturing floor space was doubled and a more productive logistics area was created. The capacity was considerably extended, for example, with its own tooling construction, measurement equipment and test equipment calibration, materials analysis and incoming goods auditing.

In 2011, with the expanding production of CNC turned piece parts, the production capacities of the Rosenberger group was extended considerably in the manufacturing of individual parts.

With about 1,400 qualified employees, Jászárokszállás has developed into a reliable competence center and makes a considerable contribution to the growth in turnover of the Rosenberger group. Rosenberger is a fair and reliable partner with a strong social commitment. This high regard is reflected, for example, in the football team "Rosenberger Jászárokszállás", in the street called "Rosenberger Katalin utca" - named in memory of the late manager - and not least, in the loyalty of the very first employees in the company.
Mr. Francisco Papp has been the Managing Director since 2003.


Data & Facts:

Founded: 2003
Employees: 1,400
Manufacturing area: 6,800 m²
Storage area: 4,800 m²

  • High frequency connector assembly
  • piece part production
  • Cable assembly
  • Logistics center
OSI Taksony Kft.

Varsányi köz 2.
2335 Taksony

ata & Facts:

Employees: 260
Manufacturing area: 4,000 m²
High-bay storage area: 1,500 m²


Fiber Optics