About Rosenberger of Brasil
As an innovative company, Rosenberger Domex Telecom, known as RDT, has invested significantly in its own headquarters, located near Carvalho Pinto Highway, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil’s main industrial axis.

The new plant, established in a beautiful 26,000 square-meter green area, was built according to the most modern concepts of sustainability and human factor management. Its location is privileged as to its logistics and national aspect, due to its proximity to the technological hubs of research, high-tech industries and major urbanized centers.

In 2021, April opened your branch at Camanducaia, Minas Gerais state.

All this is to satisfy its customers, collaborators and commercial partners always more.

Avenida Cabletech , 601 - Guamirim / CEP 12295-230 / Caçapava - São Paulo Brasil.

Campos Vargas street, 16 - Recanto dos Ypês / CEP 37650-000 / Camanducaia - Minas Gerais Brasil