Innovative Custom Solutions
Rosenberger's innovative solutions for special environments and sensitive demands are made for applications in which standard connectors may not work.
High Temperature Connectors
Rosenberger  high-temperature connectors  are generally used in engine compartments, boilers and ovens. These durable/resilient and customized connector systems are suitable for temperatures up to 450° C. Rosenberger  has the know-how of performing  thermal and electrical Simulations as weil as processing  high-temperature-proof materials such as ceramics and stainless steel. Different components such as cable assemblies, housing connectors and matched antenna systems are developed in close cooperation with our customers and partners.
High Temperature Connectors
Product Features:
• Temperature range up to +450° C
• Corrosion and chemical resistant materials
• Frequency range up to 2.4 GHz
• Non-contact connections
• Variable and fitted housing sizes
• Available in various design versions, e.g. hermetically sealed connectors

• Reliable connector solution in thermally
harsh environments

• Engine compartments
• Boilers
• Ovens
• Customer specific solutions
High Mating Cycle Products
Industrial and consumer applications often require a robust user interface  for the connection between a special power supply and the device. ln these use cases Rosenberger high mating cycle products are the first choice and available in standard and customized versions.
Modular High Number of Mating Cycle Products
Product Features:
• Up to 100,000 mating cycles
• RF and DC versions
• Emergency disconnection function
• Non magnetic versions available

• Reduced  connector  wearr leads to Ionger
service intervals and less connector failure
• Longer product lifetime

• Test equipment
• Sensor interfaces
High Speed Data Connectors
The RosenbergerHSD® interconnect system, based on the star-quad principle, is a symmetrical, impedance-controlled 100 ohms interconnect system for HighSpeedData transmission. Interferences by cross-talk and external sources are prevented, ensuring high-performance transmission quality. Fully automatic component and module assembly reduces the assembly time. Unshielded cable connectors and cable assemblies are also available.
Product Features:
• Data rates up to 1.5 Gbit/s
• Fully shielded twisted quad cables
• Single, Double 8 mm and Double 12.7 mm types
• Primary and secondary lock
• High cable retention force
• Mechanical and colored coding
• No contact pin damage possible
• Waterproof variants

• Transmission of high data rates
• No misconnects: different codings on plastic housings
• Scoop proof-ness

Our interconnect system has been developed for automotive electronics as weil as for digital infotainment electronics, digital symmetrical networks or even radio base stations. Applicable transmission Standards:
• Ethernet
• USB 2.0 & 3.0
• IEEE 1394 (Firewire)
• CAN (Controller Area Network)
Sensor Cables and Connectors
In conjunction with the appropriate sensors, our cable technology measures force, pressure, acceleration and torque. The piezoelectric measuring technology demands highly insulated coaxial cables and connectors in order to ensure a high insulation resistance greater than/up to 10'4 ohms throughout the measurement chain.
Product Features:
• lnsulation resistance: > 1014  ohms
• Operating temperature: > 200° C
• Interface models: M3, M4, 10-32, for different
sensor types and sizes
• Various cable types: e.g. Viton® and Teflon®
coated cables or armored cables

• Oil-, dust- and waterproof
• Corrosion-resistant materials
• Vibration stable

• Cables for pressure, force, acceleration and torque sensors
• Test equipment for mechanical stress
(tension, pressure, torsion etc.)
• Combustion engine development
Power Supply and Data Connectors
Rosenberger power supply and data connector product ranges offer solutions for applications that require high-speed data transmission, ruggedness,  high voltage and current capability, water and pressure proof-ness and EMI-shielding. Application areas include automotive and medical, various battery supply and charging systems, outdoor equipment, AC/DC converters, industrial motors and factory automation.
Power Supply
Product Features:
• Currents up to 200 A, Voltage up to 10 kV
• Data rate: up to 10 Gbit/s
• Frequency range up to 5.3 GHZ
• Waterproof to IP 68
• Temperature range -40° C to +140° C
• HVIL (high voltage interlock loop)
• EMI shielded
• Touch-safe contacts
• Snap-on/screw locking

• Versatile use for a wide range of supply and signal transmission applications in different industries

• Equipment  for emergency and rescue services
• Battery supply and charging systems in home, mobile and professional systems
• Industrial automation
SLC - Spring Loaded Contacts
Rosenberger offers a wide range of SLC solutions (SLC- Spring Loaded Contact) for different designs:

• Impedance controlled SLC for transmission of RF signals in board-to-board applications
• Hybrid SLC solutions with a combination of DC, RF signal transmission, power supply
  and fiber optical lines
• SLC cable connectors, board and panel mounted products
• Backplane designs
• Products desiring a high degree of tolerance compensation between the mating partners
SLC - Spring Loaded Contacts
Product Features:
• Frequency range DC to 6 GHz
• Current rating typical 1.5 A
• Data rates up to 10 Gbit/s
• Tolerance compensation > 0.6 mm
• Mating cycles > 1000

• Easy Installation and uninstallation of sub-assemblies
• Application over a wide range of voltage, current and frequency ranges
• Compensation of position tolerance of matingpartners within system
It's all about the small things
Innovative magnetic interface made by Rosenberger used in Vorwerk Thermomix TM5
Innovative magnetic interface made by Rosenberger used in Vorwerk Thermomix TM5.