Magnetic Self-Locating Connectors
Magnetic connectors offer conventional features such as a high number of mating  cycles,  vibration-proof and combined current, data, LAN & RF connections, but also the advantages of a self-mating magnetic function, prevention of misconnections, easy cleaning and therefore guaranteeing a correct connection in the most inaccessible locations. An important benefit  is the tear-away function, which prevents damage to the application by unintended disconnection.
Rosenberger Magnetic Self-Locating Connectors
Product Features:
• Current up to 40 A
• Flexible  voltage range
• Mating cycles >10,000
• Reliable contact pressure and
  zero-force mating
• Shock and vibration proof
• Waterproof & UV resistant
• Available in various design versions

• Easy and fast connecting
• High  number of mating cycles
• Break-away  function

• Combined power,  data, LAN and RF
• Medical equipment
• Heating system
• Industrial automation
• Outdoor area systems
• Consumer products
RoPD® - Rosenberger Power Data Products
RoPD® - RosenbergerPowerData Connector
Rosenberger Power  Data Connectors (RoPD®) were developed for the Light  Electric Vehicles lndustry (LEV). The contact system consists of 4 data contacts and 2 power transmission pins. Available designs include: Cable assemblies black and white, as well as panel connectors.
RoDI® - Rosenberger Diagnostic Interface Products
RoDI® - Rosenberger Diagnostic Interface
Rosenberger Diagnostic  Interface (RoDI®) connectors are recommended for building services, industrial control and bus systems. The contact system consists of 5 contacts. Available designs include: PCB and panel connectors and cable assemblies.
MultiMag Connectors
MultiMag connectors are designed for small and compact applications in tight spaces. Available designs include: MultiMag 6 for e.g. USB and MultiMag 15 for general power and data transmission.
MagneticUSB Connectors
MagneticUSB cable  solutions are designed for USB 2.0-consumer devices  for the various  USB connector variants.
Magnetic PowerSystem MagCode
This connector is a magnetic connector system for 12 V and 24 V with mechanical twist lock. Available designs include: PowerPort straight, PowerClip right angle.