HFM® - High-Speed FAKRA-Mini 
Automotive Connector System up to 15 GHz | 20 Gbps
The new Rosenberger HFM® connector system is the next generation of coaxial connectors for the automotive industry for frequencies of up to 15 GHz. Decisive requirements imposed on the development were cost saving in addition to the reduction of weight and installation space. The intelligent modular system allows for fast transmission of high data rates up to 20 Gbps.

The small size makes it possible to place different modules on minimum installation space and to save up to 80 % of space compared to the conventional FAKRA generation.

Car-to-X Communication - Connected Car

The priority of autonomous driving and driver assistance systems is to ensure safety. It is required to determine exact positions, to continuously calculate routes and to detect and classify objects. High data volumes from several cameras, diverse sensors and navigation sources must be combined and transported for this purpose - in real time.
Operating this multitude of devices, screens and cameras in vehicle electronics requires a powerful infrastructure in vehicle electronics. Rosenberger HFM® connectors allow for high-bitrate data transmission while saving installation space and weight.

Rosenberger HFM®
Rosenberger HFM®
Applications Areas
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Driver Assistence Systems
  • Navigation
  • Infotainment
  • Fond-Entertainment
  • Internet
  • Next Generation WLAN:
    "WiGig" (Wireless Gigabit)
Application Devices
  • 4k Camera Systems
  • Sensors
  • On-board-Computers
  • High Resolution 4k Screens
  • 3 D Instrument Cluster
  • Navigation Systems
  • Mobile Radio
  • Remote Control via Smartphones
  • Digital  Antenna
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
HFM® - Products
Rosenberger HFM®
Rosenberger HFM®
Rosenberger HFM®
  • HFM® Cable plugs and jacks
    single, double, quad, quint
    straight and right angle
    Cable diameter: 1.2 mm; 2.9 mm; 3.6 mm
  • HFM® PCB connectors
    single, double, quad, quint
  • HFM® Cable connectors waterproof
    under development

  • Frequenzy up to  15 GHz
  • High data rates up to 20 Gbit/s
  • Optimized used of space
  • Saving up of installation space up to 80 %
  • Cost optimized
Saving up of Installation Space
Rosenberger HFM®
Comparison 12x FAKRA vs. 3x4 HFM®
Rosenberger HFM®
Comparison 4x FAKRA vs. 4x HFM®