Broadcast - Live on air with highspeed cabling
Reliability of transmission - Many mating Cycles - Harsh Conditions
The special challenge for optical fiber cabling is tob evound in the incredible number of mating cycles, the complex connectors are subjected to. Above that consider the rough treatment of cables on site.

  • Heavy Duty 600 Connector - hybrid camera connection enables power supply and data transport. With two, four or six optical fibers and up to four electrical contacts, on the customer's demand.
  • Patchcords with LC-Duplex connectors
  • Stageboxes as intermediate distributor - local intersections for e.g. monitors and microphones are connected with PreCONNECT® Fiber Trunks
  • Mobil drum

  • Plug-and-Play cabling
  • Precise and robust connectors
  • Unique APC technology for high end data transmission
  • Perfect for mobile use
  • Optimized for frequent push-and-pull of the connectors
  • Applicable for all fields of the entertainment industry