RF - Coaxial Products

Rosenberger offers for applications, such as cellular technology and telecommunications, industrial and data systems and aerospace engineering, a comprehensive product range consisting of connectors for all globally accepted conventional series: from adaptors to cable, panel and PCB connectors and tools right up to accessory components.
RF – Connectors

The general specifications and technical data as well as data sheets, assembly instructions and mounting holes for our standard connector series are available for download in the online catalog.

Conectores PCB – Board-to-Board – Blind mate

Rosenberger PCB connectors for board-to-board or cable-to-board connections of the most common series are available as solder versions or as surface-mount technology versions. Essential characteristics are the equalization of radial and axial misalignments, different holding forces, minimum PCB board spacing and fast and cost-effective assembly design.
  • P-SMP
  • Longwipe-SMP
  • SMP
  • FMC
  • Mini-SMP
  • Multiport-Mini-Coax
  • Micro-RF
Conectores Quick-Lock

Rosenberger Quick-Lock connectors feature a Quick-Lock coupling mechanism, enabling reliable and easy connection in the tightest spaces. QN and QMA series connectors fulfill the QLF® standard.
The Rosenberger SnapN connectors are backward compatible, i.e. SnapN jacks (female) can be mated with N plugs (male).


Many Rosenberger locations around the world operate cable assembly lines to locally produce complete RF solutions for our customers. The product range incorporates all commonly available cable assemblies as well as the development of customized solutions from DC up to 110 GHz.
  • Flexible (RG) cables
  • Semi-flexible cables
  • Semi-rigid cables
  • Corrugated cables