Company Milestones


Company foundation by Hans Rosenberger Senior: The original metal working shop was the beginning of today’s custom machining center


Entry into the area of high-frequency technology after completion of an order of the Dr. Häberlein company, which had become bankrupt


Purchase and move to the new site at today’s location in Fridolfing/Pietling. Structuring and organization


    • High-frequency technology becomes the main source of revenue
    • Start of large-scale manufacturing of miniature connectors
    • Hugh investment in machinery, manufacturing and measurement equipment


The three sons - Hans, Bernhard and Peter Rosenberger join the company:

  • In 1980, Hans Rosenberger Junior takes over management of finance and sales for the high-frequency sector
  • In 1985, Bernhard Rosenberger expanded the RF laboratory and R&D


Entry into the fiber optic market

Opening of the first sales office abroad in Denmark. Over the course of the following years foundation of further local sales offices and company shareholdings in Europe, followed later by the foundation of subsidiaries in Europe: Denmark, UK,France, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary


Rise to one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of RF coaxial-connectors and opening of local companies all around the world:

  • 1996: Rosenberger of North America (USA),
  • 1997: Beijing Rosenberger (China), today Rosenberger Asia Pacific
  • 1999: Rosenberger Sudamérica (Chile),
  • 1999: Rosenberger RF Technology (Singapore)


  • Takeover of OSI Kommunikations- und Systemtechnik, Augsburg (today Rosenberger-OSI GmbH & Co. OHG)
  • Surface-mount technology: Decisive developments in impedance-controlled PCB gateways


  • Entry into the automotive electronics market: Development of FAKRA-RF connectors for the automotive industry


  • Opening of a new manufacturing facility with electroplating shop and cable assembly shop in Beijing (China)
  • Construction of two additional fabrication halls at headquarters double the capacity of piece part manufacturing for high-frequency technology


Rosenberger was the first coax manufacturer to be certified to ISO/TS 16949


Rosenberger Hungary becomes the central assembly location for the European market.
Commissioning of the new manufacturing facility in 2007 in Jászárokszállás incorporating connectors production and cable assembling.



  • "Bavarias Best 50" - Rosenberger receives an award
  • Rosenberger is the world leading coaxial connector manufacturer (Source: Connector Supplier)
  • The new logistics center comes online at headquarters


Rosenberger India with its own manufacturing facility is established


Company founder Hans Rosenberger Senior dies.


50 years of Rosenberger
1958 - 2008


  • Dr.rer.nat. Tosja Zywietz is appointed as an additional managing director (CSO)
  • Rosenberger takes over MagCode AG
  • Entry into the data communication and power transmission connector systems in the hybrid and light electric vehicles




  • Rosenberger Asia Pacific and Netop, Shanghai-Qingpu merged
  • Rosenberger of North America completed its acquisition of Toth Inc.
  • Rosenberger has been honored with the Bavarian Quality Award


  • Opening of the new EMC Laboratory Rosenberger Headquarters Fridolfing
  • Rosenberger Calibration Laboratory accredited
  • Rosenberger acquired ht micro, New Mexico, USA
  • Consolidation of the U.S. Rosenberger companies, Plano-Texas is the new U.S. Headquarters


  • Hörl, a Rosenberger Company, opened the new facility in Laufen
  • Start up of the new high-voltage assembly hall in Jászberény - Hungary
  • Opening a new facility in DianshanHu, Kunshan, China
  • ESCC qualification and DIN EN 9100 certification for aviation and aerospace


  • January, Rosenberger opend a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Goa, India.
  • Opening Sales Office "Rosenberger Automotive Japan LLC." in Tokyo, Japan
  • Rosenberger takes shares in telematic company CE+


  • 20 Years Anniversary Rosenberger North America
  • 25 Years Anniversary Rosenberger OSI, Germany
  • Opening Rosenberger Site Solutions GmbH, Laufen -  Germany


  • New Plating Shop Building Fridolfing, Germany
  • New Manufacturing Location Nyírbátor, Hungary
  • Enlargement Warehouse ROHU1 Jászárokszállás, Hungary
  • Aquisition Greiner GmbH & Co. KG


  • 60 Years Anniversary Rosenberger Fridolfing
  • New Hall SF-Technology
  • New Energy Supply Center
  • New Office Building


  • Take-over Holocher&Bauer Germany and Hungary
  • New Office Rosenberger Philippines