Passive Intermodulation Test Solutions

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High-speed data transmission in today’s global mobile communication networks demands high efficiency of network infrastructure. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in a network can cause serious interferences and significantly degrade the network quality and impact KPI figures.

Best-in-Class PIM Test
Equipment for Your Application

The cause of Passive Intermodulation is very complex and uncertain.
It can be caused by low-grade transmission line components or even loose connectors, dirty surfaces, magnetic materials or the surrounding environment like a rusty roof. As a global leader of RF connectivity solutions, Rosenberger has a strong expertise in manufacturing of Low-PIM components as well as PIM T&M solutions
for all applications:

  • R&D / Test Lab
  • Production Environment
  • Site Testing

PIM Site Analyzer alpha

Band-specific PIM Site Analyzers belong to the past. Forget the headaches related to changing network infrastructure or new upcoming mobile bands. There is one future-proof model ready to support all kinds of mobile network infrastructure with a copper or fiber interface.

Key Features

  • PIM detection over CPRI (incl. cancellation function)
  • Broadband Rx & Tx base model 698-2700 MHz with exchangeable filter units

Additional Features

  • Continuous wave signal (no pulse)
  • Portable with a rugged design
  • Sunlight readable 12” touch screen
  • Antenna isolation measurement
  • DTF measurement (VSWR vs. Dist., PIM vs. Dist.)
  • VSWR/Return loss measurement
  • Battery and 110 / 220 V AC operation

Overview of Benefits

  • Reduction of T&M investment cost (for multiband-testing)
  • Reduce OPEX for PIM Measurement (no tower climbing)
  • Increased safety & simplified handling in workplace (no tower climbing)
  • Quantify KPI improvements using CPRI cancellation function
  • Future-proof: For upcoming new bands just add new filter unit

Download Flyer PIM Site Analyzer Alpha

Service & Support

Warranty, Repair & Calibrations

Rosenberger Passive Intermodulation Analyzers are provided with a 12 months warranty.

To ensure highest precision of measurements, we recommend a calibration interval of 12 months. On-site calibration service is optionally available. If you wish to send back a unit for calibration or repair, for smooth transaction please find handling information in our fact sheet or simply contact us.


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