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Aerospace Products
Rosenberger is a qualified manufacturer according ESCC and DIN EN 9100 and fulfills the high requirements on manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance, and testing which is mandatory to become a reliable supplier for aviation and spaceflight industries.

Visit our Aerospace Microsite for more information.

Rosenberger qualified according to ESCC and DIN EN 9100
ESCC & DIN EN 9100
Rosenberger designs and manufactures connectors and cable assemblies for aviation applications in accordance with DIN EN 9100 – renowned customers in the aircraft industries trust in our high-quality products.

The European Space Agency (ESA) developed the ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) qualification process to provide a standard for electrical components which are applied onboard of spacecraft. Rosenberger is an ESCC qualified manufacturer and fulfills the high requirements.

All ESCC connectors are also available according to MIL-PRF 39012 standard and are qualified for military applications.
Product Portfolio
Product range for Aviation and Spaceflight applications:
  • Cable assemblies
  • Board-to-board connections
  • Board-to-cable connections
  • SMD types
  • PCB connectors

Aviation Products

Any product available at Rosenberger can be manufactured and qualified for aviation application. Recent projects involved the Mini-Coax and Micro-RF connectors.

Spaceflight Products

For spaceflight applications Rosenberger offers a wide range of RF connectivity products. The SMA, SMA 2.92, TNC and SMP connector families have been successfully qualified by ESA for space projects and are already successfully applied in different space missions like Galileo, Iridium, or Globalstar. Cable assemblies and customized product solutions are also part of the wide Rosenberger spaceflight products portfolio:


SMA 2.92
Cable Assemblies
for transmitting RF signals
and data up to 40 GHz
in accordance with
ESCC 3402 - 024 to 026

transmitting high power
RF signals up to 18 GHz
in accordance with
ESCC 3402 - 008 to 010

for applications up to 18 GHz
in accordance with
ESCC 3402 - 001 to 003

SMA 2.92
for applications up to 40 GHz
in accordance with
ESCC 3402 - 021 to 023

Cable Assemblies
Semi-rigid cables, flexible cables